Attacks In Kabul | Taliban Threaten Joe Biden | Breaking News

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Another attack on Kabul airport could happen in 24 to 36 hours, US President, On the other hand, the US President said that the drone strike in Afghanistan was not the last We will find everyone involved in the blast In addition, the ground situation in Afghanistan is extremely dangerous and there is still a risk of attacks Shortly after this statement A horrific blast was heard in Kabul once again, killing one child and injuring three others. It is a rocket attack targeting a house. The United States has also claimed responsibility for a drone strike on a car carrying suicide bombers in Kabul who were on their way to attack Kabul airport. Taliban spokesman says it is our responsibility to stop attacks after August 31 and said that we should have told about the drone strike first, this is an attack on our land, we condemn it President Biden says the attacks will continue after the evacuation

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