Best Way to Create a Whiteboard Animation Video

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Whiteboard videos are widely used for animation illustration, in video blogs, in the education sector and to add fun to different types of content. You may create your own whiteboard video for multiple purposes. There are several apps, online services, and software that you can use to carry out this task. Following are some easy steps to make a whiteboard video online. 

Prepare the Script

You should first prepare the video script which assembles all the ideas that you want to add to your video. Determine the subject and focus on the following points. 

  • Title

Your video title or the splash scene must be eye-catching. The title helps your audience whether to see the full video or skip. You need to keep the title compelling enough to make the audience watch the video to the end.

  • Message

Prepare the video in such a way that it can convey your message comprehensively to the audience. A long and complex video can ruin the whole purpose. You should keep it relatable.

  • Call for Action

The scenes of the video must point out a call for action at the end. Give a specific space in your video script to add CTA with the help of animation.

Align Storyboard

Align your script in the form of a storyboard. Sequence the scenes in chronological order to enhance the clarity and make them more interesting. A confusing and disturbing order of scenes can damage the impact of the video. When marketers hire a video animation company for whiteboard video, they first create the perfect storyboard to satisfy their clients.

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Select Whiteboard Style

In the whiteboard video, you have multiple options to choose the texture of the board. You should make a wise decision while selecting the style of the board because a wrong choice would not work the same as your expectations.

  • Glassboard

Glassboard style gives an amazing impression like the hand is drawing on the glass from its back. This is the most common type used in video lectures in E-learning classes. This exciting style develops the students’ interest and keeps them connected with the topic.

  • Stitchboard

The switchboard gives the effect of the sewing marks like a thread is crafting on a cloth. It is another interesting style of the whiteboard that appears in the video animations. Its texture is mostly green.

  • Notebook page

This whiteboard is just like a notebook page and represents as if a hand is drawing with a pencil on a notebook. It contains lines and a margin line and a blank space at the top of the page for the header.

  • School Blackboard

This style of the board may remind you of your school days when there is a big blackboard in your classroom and the teacher explains to you the lesson writing on the board with chalk. This style of video board is completely the same. 

Choose the Stroke

You may choose the video stroke according to which style you want your drawing to appear on the screen. The stroke options include a paintbrush, a pen, pencil, sewing needle, chalk, cut marker, and many more. You may select any of these that can suit your idea. Also, you can decide the color of the stroke of your choice.

Form Characters

You can now draw the characters that you want to add to your script. If you are creating cartoons so you should keep their features enhanced and attractive and in the case of other animated characters except for cartoons you need to focus on the sharpness and contrast. 

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Insert Motions, Captions, and Sound Effects

Once you have done all the above-mentioned preparations then you can insert the cartoons according to the decided scenes and add motions to them. Further, you can add captions that may contain subtitles of the conversation that is going to take place between the animated characters or the short messages to further explain the video content and storyline. Sound effects are also an essential component.

Adjust the Timing

Time adjustment is a technical part of video creation because the difference of a single second between the changing of scenes can disturb the sequence of the whole video. You must be careful while setting time for each scene.

Final Statement

If you have followed all the said guidelines correctly then you may now preview your whiteboard video and if you find it perfect so you can download and share it wherever you want.

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